Deal with Cold Callers at your Peril

Deal with Cold Callers at your Peril

Many of the the complaints we have received have come from timeshare owners that have been contacted by Skype or Zoom video chat callers . Ex Timeshare salespeople pretending to represent solicitors or legal entities. Don't be fooled ! Always remember that the only ever intention of a cold caller is take take upfront fees from you for a service you will never receive.

Just like a timeshare presentation , these ex timeshare salespeople will try and make friends with you , then say absolutley whatever they have to say to take your hard earned money from you for a service that will never be provided. There only concern is lining their pockets with your money. Remember , they are the ones that contacted you , by way of illegally obtaining your data in the first place !

No matter how convincing the offer may seem , it will always end up with you loosing money. If the service that is being offered is genuine, then no money should change hands until your Timeshare has been relinquished or your claim has been successful.

If you would like to report a cold caller then click on the link below.

Click here

All of our Timeshare services are completely risk free . We offer a 100% No upfront fee service to all Timeshare owners . If you would like to report a cold caller or would like free no obligation advice then just give us a call.