Fake Claim Companies in Tenerife & Spain

Fake Claim Companies in Tenerife & Spain

We get loads of calls from Timeshare owners that have paid money upfront to fake claim companies. 99% of these so-called claim companies are in Tenerife.

People are lured in by the potential of winning back thousands of pounds for there mis-sold timeshare or Holiday club membership. Customers are persuaded to hand over thousands of pounds after assurances from the salesperson that their claim in GUARANTEED!

Often these upfront payments are disguised by selling you future holidays in Tenerife. Planet Sunlight SL uses this tactic. Planet Sunlight salespeople tell Eze Group members that they can guarantee to recover their money even if they paid on a debit card. However, this is not true. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit act only covers credit cards. Unless you are submitting a debit card chargeback, this has to be filed within 120 days from the date of purchase otherwise it doesn't qualify.

Unlawful financial advice from unregulated companies in Tenerife is only going to result in one outcome - to lose you even more money!

Never pay any money upfront

The key to avoiding financial loss is NOT PAY ANY MONEY UPFRONT - EVER!
If you have a Timeshare that you would like to Terminate or a Claim you would like to proceed with; we will carry the service out with no money upfront. All genuine Timeshare Exit and Claims companies will be happy to take your case with no upfront fees. In six years, we haven't had one client that hasn't been happy to pay us once we have completed the agreed Timeshare Exit or Claim.

If you have paid money upfront to a company or person and that service hasn't been fulfilled then give us a call.