Timeshare Accommodation Availability

Accommodation Availability

Many Timeshare owners struggle to find accommodation that is available to them when they want to holiday. Members of RCI, II, Diamond Resorts and Club La Costa have the most significant problems.

The lack of availability has been a massive problem for years. The exchange system is not transparent, owners of Club La Costa Fractional memberships cant even book back into their home resorts.

The truth of the matter is that resorts will always put themselves first.

The RCI Exchange system was only a benefit to resorts when they were selling Timeshare. — giving their salespeople another tool to paint the dream of luxurious holidays in fabulous accommodation for the cost of a £69 RCI exchange fee.

Fast forward twenty years, the resorts have stopped selling Timeshare. It doesn't make economic sense for the resorts to accept an exchange request from RCI.

RCI keeps the exchange fee, and resorts use up accommodation they could use to rent out privately through a holiday website or tour operator. They are potentially losing thousands in revenue by doing this; hence, why the resorts hold back their accommodation from RCI to use for themselves.

So when you contact RCI for an exchange, and they tell you "sorry, it's not available", what this means is there is no availability through RCI. If you contact the resort directly or through another accommodation provider you will be able to book.

We have had clients tell us;

"We tried to book into our home resort, but they told us there was no availability. Our friends that don't own managed to book through booking.com for less than what we pay in maintenance for the same dates!"

"We gave them three different dates, and they couldn't get us in. We then had a phone call out of the blue offering us a Club La Costa promotional holiday at our home resort! We didn't tell them that we own and they managed to book us in for the dates we wanted as long as we attended another presentation! Funny how accommodation became available when they thought they had another sniff at selling something! We have spent £38,000 with CLC, and they don't care about looking after us."

Stop paying maintenance fees today! You will be surprised how easy booking a holiday is!

If you would like to terminate your Timeshare or see if you qualify for compensation, then call us on 01872 308699.