Do These Sales Tactics Sound Familiar?

These Sales Tactics Sound Familiar?

Read below to see if you can relate to some of our client's experiences.

If you like many others have had similar experiences, then you may be liable for compensation.

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"We were told that a guaranteed rental would cover our finance payments."

"Club La Costa promised that we could sell our Timeshare, now they won't even take it back from us."

"We were told that we would save more than 40% on flights and car hire. We found out that it is cheaper for us to book it ourselves."

"They guaranteed us that it was an investment. We wouldn't have signed up otherwise."

"They said we couldn't cancel."

"We were in holiday mode and kept excepting alcoholic drinks. We woke up the next day and had signed up for a £19,000 loan."

"They wouldn't take no for an answer; we agreed to sign up so we could get out of there."

"We were told that the presentation would only take 90 minutes. We ended up leaving their office at 19.30. We had been there for 9 hours and felt exhausted."