Were you sold your Timeshare as an investment ?

Azure Resorts Claims

We get lots of enquiries every week from clients that bought a Timeshare at Golden Sands in Malta. The most common complaint is that they were sold the Timeshare as an Investment that has never been resold for them . Many clients also find themselves with Barclays Partner Finance loans that they can't afford or get refinanced.
As of December 2019 eighty sales and support staff were let go by Azure resorts as they begin their getaway ! This orchestrated plan began with a 50% sell off to Corinthia Group . Thousands of Azure Resort clients have now been left with worthless Timeshares and massive finance and maintenance bills .
This is one of the biggest resale scams in recent times and doesn't shine a good light on Maltese tourism.
Fortunately for many members, we are able to help them in recovering the money they borrowed from Barclays Partner Finance. This can be done through a Section 75 claim . If you would like help in stopping your maintenance fees and claiming your money back , then get in touch .
We offer free advice and guidance and all of our services are 100% No Win No Fee.