Club La Costa Liquidation Claims

Club La Costa Liquidation Claims

Club La Costa UK PLC has filed for voluntary bankruptcy .


Although Club La Costa is still maintaining nothing is wrong, and everything is continuing as usual. Make of that what you will!

As with all timeshare company structures, more scheming and planning goes into setting up the exit strategy than the entry. With all parties involved with CLC looking to take as much as they can without any financial penalties.

Many of you will be wondering how these timeshare companies continue to take all of your money and run. We ask ourselves this question daily! Unfortunately, timeshare companies such as Club La Costa pay 'so-called' timeshare governing bodies thousands of pounds every year to protect the timeshare industry's image. Through pretend taskforce websites or timeshare advice websites. All of which are not independent, but just in place to prevent consumers from seeking the justice they deserve.

The subsidiary companies owned by the liquidated company Club La Costa UK PLC are below .

Ambassador Holidays Travel t/a CLC World Travel
Davish Enterprises Limited
Newdo Limited
Reservia Limited
Sunscape Holidays Limited

Sol Show

European Resorts Management Limited

European Resorts & Hotels SL
Marina Del Sol Management SL
Rushbrook SL
California Beach Hotel SA
Paradise Trading SL
Mantenerife SL
Pacadilly Investments SA
Tenerife Resorts Management SL
Sunbreaks SA
Continental Resort Services SL
Continental Telemarketing Services SL
Clearwater Yachts SL
New Jasley SL

CLC Resorts & Developments INC
CLC Resorts & Developments Encantada LLC
CLC Resort Management LLC
CLC Regal Oaks LLC
CLC Fractional LLC
CLC Exchange LLC
CLC Holdings LLC

CLC Satis Pazarlama Ve danismanlik Limited Şirketi

We deal with hundreds of CLC complaints every month and this recent news will only cause more stress and anxiety for those CLC timeshare owners that have lost thousands due to being mis-sold.

If you are worried about losing all of your money or have an ongoing finance agreement , then give us a call . We can exit you from your contract and help you recover all of your money .

All of our services come without the payment of any upfront fees.