The Problem with Timeshare

The Problem with Timeshare

Timeshare members were led to believe that buying would be an investment. And the Timeshare investment could be resold at a later date. However, 99% of Timeshare owners have not been able to resell. They are finding themselves with a product that no longer works and still paying a yearly maintenance fee.

Timeshare accommodation is openly available to the general public for less cost than a members maintenance fee. It makes no sense to join a system that offers no financial benefit. Many Timeshare companies have not invested the maintenance money in improving standards of accommodation, thus leaving many resorts well below the expected average.

Where has all of the maintenance money gone?

Maintenance money is an expensive membership fee that is not used to improve resort standards. This annual fee is used to line the pockets of greedy developers that can no longer make money by selling Timeshare. Holiday accommodation with much higher standards is readily available on the open market. The number one priority for holidaymakers is value for money. Timeshare no longer offers this.

If you have found yourself with a Timeshare that you no longer need, then the best way forward is to exit safely. We do not charge upfront fees; you only pay us once we have completed the job.

If you have any questions, then we will be happy to help you.