Do you want to Cancel your Timeshare Finance?

Do you want to Cancel your Timeshare Finance?

Many Timeshare owners take out a finance agreement when buying a Timeshare. This loan is either supplied through the Timeshare Company itself or a third party. If a regulated UK lender provides the loan, then a credit search would have been done on you.

It's important to remember that even people with bad credit can get credit cards and loans. Just because they have leant you the money doesn't necessarily mean they have taken into account whether it is affordable for you.

Timeshare salespeople have a smart way of making it look affordable!
It often only occurs to people once they are at home in the UK the full extent of what they have got themselves into.

The lure of low monthly payments often disguises the amount that is payable when the loan is paid in full! Interest rates are not cheap when borrowing for Timeshare products. Regular banks do not lend for Timeshare as it is a blacklisted industry. So there's no chance of popping down to your local bank for a low-interest loan!

If for example, you have taken out a regulated loan with Hitachi or Shawbrook to purchase a Club La Costa Fractional product. The only way to cancel the loan is to do so within 14 days. Your only other option is to make a Section 75 claim because you have been mis-sold. You will be able to get back all of your money plus interest. We will be happy to take on your case on a No Win No Fee basis.

Timeshare companies in the USA and Mexico provide unregulated financing for British buyers. These loans are not based on any form of credit check. If you look at your credit report, these 'loans' will not show up. We can cancel this type of financing for you at any stage of your outstanding loan. You will not need to file a claim. We can complete the work within 4-6 weeks.

Some resorts within Europe will provide you with in-house financing. This is where you are directly paying the resort every month. We can deal with the resort directly and get these payments stopped.

If you would like some help cancelling a finance agreement, then give us a call on 01872 308699.

We offer free advice and support, and all our services are No Win No Fee.